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Marie Antoinette Promo Image

“Let them eat cake.”


by David Adjmi // Directed by Yury Urnov
September 15–October 12, 2014

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In a world of empty celebrity and economic crisis, how’s a teen queen to keep her head?

Cake enthusiast and infamous one-percenter Marie Antoinette opens Woolly’s 35th season with a burst of high fashion and shaky morals. Through David Adjmi’s incisive contemporary lens, history’s most notorious teenager becomes a full-blooded, complex, and tragic heroine who realizes too late that there’s an unstoppable revolution brewing outside her window.

Kimberly Gilbert returns to the Woolly stage as Marie, reuniting with visionary director
Yury Urnov (You For Me For You) for a play about a society—not unlike our own—that
might just be consuming itself to death.

Featuring Woolly Company Members Kimberly Gilbert as Marie, Sarah Marshall,
and Dawn Ursula.



Famous Puppet Death Scenes

“Let them eat worms.”


Created and Performed by Old Trout Puppet Workshop
December 9, 2014–January 4, 2015

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The Old Trouts promise to cure your fear of death; no more anxiety about difficult choices,
no more dreading birthdays, no more desperate pleas for immortality through fame, art,
or progeny.

Curated and narrated by puppet Nathan Tweak, Famous Puppet Death Scenes is a
collection of twenty-two infamous and theatrical end-of-life sequences, spanning a vast array
of styles and genres.

Performed by one of Canada’s most treasured theatrical troupes, this thoroughly Woolly
holiday extravaganza is a feast for the eyes, mind, and soul that has delighted audiences
across the continent.




“Let them eat s’mores.”


by Lisa D’Amour // Directed by John Vreeke
February 9–March 8, 2015

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Two couples, one black, one white, flee their suburban pressures and re-connect with nature
by going camping in Cherokee, North Carolina. But their lives are upended when a member
of the group mysteriously vanishes, and the others are visited by a charismatic local who just might help them live off the grid forever…

Lisa D’Amour’s latest comedy—a companion piece to last season’s hit, Detroit—pushes a group of middle class characters to their emotional limits. Who has an “authentic” relationship to the land? Can we escape the trappings of comfort and technology to forge a healthier civilization?

Featuring Woolly Company Member Jennifer Mendenhall.



Lights Rise On Grace

“Let them eat love.”


by Chad Beckim // Directed by Michael John Garcés
March 30–April 26, 2015

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World Premiere

In an inner-city high school, the daughter of Chinese immigrants falls for the son of a combative African-American family. But when he’s suddenly swallowed up by the system, their desires go in desperate new directions. Re-united six years later, can the lovers build a life together now that their innocence is gone?

Lights Rise on Grace—named Outstanding Play for its workshop at the New York Fringe—is a hot-blooded stage event that has been exposed to its theatrical bones: an examination of race, sexuality, and family as unconventional as the relationships it depicts.



Zombie: The American

“Let them eat brains.”


by Robert O’ Hara // Directed by Howard Shalwitz
May 25–June 21, 2015

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A “Free the Beast!” Commission and World Premiere

The year is 2063 and Thom Valentine, the first openly gay President of the United States,
faces a host of problems: an imminent civil war, the threat of an African invasion, an adulterous First Gentleman, and zombies in the basement of the White House! With his power, his marriage, and the nation’s well-being at stake, he must decide what he cares most about saving…and at what cost.

From the recesses of Robert O’ Hara’s warped imagination comes a classically-inspired sci-fi thriller about a young Commander-in-Chief searching for the strength to hold our union together.

Featuring Woolly Company Members Tim Getman, Sarah Marshall, Emily Townley,
and Dawn Ursula.


Photos by Cade Martin

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