Jane Grove Fishkin

Fishkin worked at the Brookings Institution in the delivery of information technology services and during her time there served as Chief Information Officer/ Vice-President. Jane served on the boards of a variety of relevant organizations, including The Computer Ethics Institute, E.Gov Knowledge Management, and PaperFree Systems. Jane assumed a leadership role in Knowledge Management through conferences at Brookings and elsewhere. She was a frequent speaker on technology and Knowledge Management issues, including involvement with EDUCAUSE, Snowmass Academic Computer Directors Seminars, Washington Area Computer Consortium, Women Administrators in Higher Education and Women in Technology. Jane currently serves on the board of N Street Village where she has been involved with every aspect of the organization. She has served as Board Vice Chairman, Audit Chair, and on the Building, Capital Campaign and Governance Committees. Additionally, Jane formed the Ambassadors Council, now consisting of 50 Ambassadors, the purpose of which is to further outreach. Jane also serves on the advisory board of Doctors Speak Out at Georgetown University Medical Center and is a found member of the Russian Cultural Board. Her husband of 44 years, Nathan, is an independent consultant specializing in mixed-use real estate development. Her son, Justin, is Chief Strategy Officer for Local Motors, Inc., specializing in automobile innovations and the producer of the first 3-D printed car.