BLKS Connectivity Events

Connect with BLKS at these amazing events!

All of these events are free, but SPACE IS LIMITED! Reserve your spot today!

BLK Femme Love

February 11  //  7:30 - 9 PM

Come celebrate Black Femmes, listen to their hearts, and love on their poetry!

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Qupid's House Party

February 16  //  10 PM - 1 am  //  In partnership with Tagg Magazine

Join us for a Valentine’s Day Party queering Cupid and celebrating self and community love!

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Dat Fuckshit: A Public Airing of Grievances

February 18  //  7:30 - 8:30 PM  //  In partnership with SPIT DAT

Bear witness to stories, poems, and songs about the impact of microaggressions

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Brujxs, Bodyworkers & Beyond Vol. 2: BLKS Edition **

February 19  //  6 - 9 PM  //  In partnership with Yoga con Sazón, Richael Faithful, and Collective Action for Safe Spaces

Multilingual Healing Village for Queer, Trans, Intersex, Black or Indigenous People of Color

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Unchained Healing Village **

February 23  //  2 - 7 PM  //  In partnership with UNchained Visioning

Self-guided journey invoking different healing modalities to foster emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical reconnection

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Naming Your Chains & Setting Yourself Free **

February 23  //  5 - 7 PM  //  In partnership with UNchained Visioning

Interactive emotional emancipation workshop for People of Color that guides participants through creating a vision of themselves, unchained

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A Lil’ Laughing Color

February 24  //  4:30 - 6:30 PM  //  LEd by chelsea shorte

An introductory workshop to writing and performing life-affirming stand up comedy

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Post-Show Community ConversationS **

MArch 2  //  5 PM and 10 PM  //  Led by Erika Totten

Following the 3 PM and 8 PM performances of BLKS
Post-show opportunity for dialogue and exchange between audience members who identify as People of Color

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Making Money Moves

March 3  //  4:30 - 5:30 PM  //  hosted by td bank

A financial literacy seminar hosted by TD Bank for twentysomethings who have considered becoming an infant again when the paycheck barely covers rent.

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** Why is this event specifically for those who identify as People of Color (POC)?
We know that many spaces in our society are overwhelmingly white, and sometimes a POC affinity space is a necessary, affirming, and strengthening experience. White allies, thanks for understanding the need for this POC space.