Audiences are welcome to join a series of digital events and post-show talkbacks for Teenage Dick. Throughout the run, this will be a space to reflect, connect, and build community together, alongside the cast of Teenage Dick, guest Shakespeare scholars, and Woolly staff.


Artist Talkbacks

LOCATION: In the Theatre
DATES: Following the 3pm performance on October 2nd
Following the 2pm performances on October 10th and October 17th
Following the 8pm performance on October 6th

Immediately following the performance, join the cast of TEENAGE DICK for a series of post-show discussions.


Fast Times at Shakespeare High

September 28th, 8-8:30pm EST
Instagram Live

Just like Mike Lew’s TEENAGE DICK, some of the most popular teen films of the 1990s and 2000s adapted Shakespeare’s plays and set them in high school. What is it about high school that is so enduring? How do films like 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s the Man, and O (not to mention many others) approach Shakespeare and his cultural legacy? Join Shakespeare scholars Yasmine Hachimi and Emily Lathrop to discuss Shakespeare, adaptation, pop culture and more!

Shakespeare, Disability, and Performance

September 30th, 7-8pm EST

Join disability and performance scholars Justin P. Shaw and Katherine Schaap Williams, moderated by Samuel Yates. Together they will explore portrayals of disability in Shakespeare’s plays, how performances have shifted over time, and how Mike Lew’s adaptation of Richard III, TEENAGE DICK, offers new ways of discussing disability, performance, and adaptation.

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In the Lobby


Macrophotograph of cobwebs on a plant by artist Jessica WallachMy name is Jessica Danielle Skintges Wallach. I am a photographer, teacher, mother, artist, wife and accessibility queen. I have been the lead character in Teenage Dick, a teenager who finds life to be hard, seemingly wildly unfair, and I blamed it on the way my body appeared to the world around me, as if it had wronged me. At the same time, I loved my body: my voice that sounded so different to others kept me sane, my legs that had that odd gait carried me places. I could see myself, whether or not others could.

This body of work comes out of a series of classes that I taught from January 2020 through June 2021 on photographing the climate crises, COVID-19, and white privilege. The goal of these classes was to create images that address the complex nature of intersectional oppressions, and represent how these things impact us personally. I hope this collection prompts you to consider your own body and the various environments you move through.

Candid portrait of the artist Jessica WallachI am a white woman with Cerebral Palsy.  Some of these photos allowed me to lean into my disability; allowing me to use my shaky hands.  These photos are all informed by my whiteness, it dictates my every choice from lighting to depth of field to the space I photograph in. Glen Echo and the Bull Run Battlefield, the flowers in the springs of COVID.  Let’s just say it is limiting at best and presents a bit of a warped perspective — neat, crisp, and in search of perfection.

These photos are dedicated to the newest members of my tribe, those with long haul COVID. To you I say, “Welcome. I believe you! I hear you. You have become a part of a group of crafty, smart, tenacious, loving and lovable people. I am sorry that you are met with disbelief time and again, not finding the help you need in the ways you need it. We have come far in the rights for disabled folk, but we have not dismantled ableism and you are bearing the brunt of that.”

To view a digital version of the exhibit, please visit here.


Jessica Wallach is a seasoned photographer, videographer, educator, community activist, and the owner and operator of Greater Depth Media. Since 1998, Jessica has worked with clients throughout the DMV that are actively engaged in making the world a better place. Jessica’s work behind the camera honors the aspirations of her clients by creating imagery that reflects their work and community building. For more information, please visit