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Glo Shines


Daughter of many homes including Brooklyn, NY, Danville, VA and Hampton Roads, VA, Glo Shines’ poetry and hosting style is a proud hybrid of hip-hop, poetry, and humor.

She has featured nationally at several notable venues including the Chrysler Museum, the Harrison Opera House, The Kennedy Center, Old Dominion University, Hampton University, Downing Gross Community Center, The Norva, and the Apache Café in Atlanta, GA. She has performed at Vegan SoulFest and hosted the Jazz Blossom Festival. and The Funny Bone (where she opened for the legendary Dick Gregory). She has performed for and worked with the public school systems of Norfolk, Hampton, and Newport News, Virginia, and also worked with various charities including Parents against Bullying, the Boys and Girls Club, and Teens with a Purpose. She also serves as an Artist Teacher and Poetry Coach as part of the Words Beats and Life Organization and as Host at BusBoys and PoetsIn 2013, she released an album called Glyphs and Graffiti, which was an introduction of her evolution as an Emcee and poet. In 2017, Glo Shines released her 2nd studio album What the Water Gave along with two music videos. In 2022, she released her 3rd studio album/EP called Mosaic Multiverse along with an accompanying book of poetry, affirmations and mantras called Multiverse Mosaic.

Social Media: @glo_shines