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Kimberly Dodson

By Steven Franco

Kimberly Dodson is a performer/director born and raised in Baltimore, MD. She holds a B.A. in Acting and Performance Studies and a double minor in Dance and Sociology but honestly she got it so long ago now, she barely remembers. She gotta keep it in though cause she’s still paying for it. Ha! She loves that you love theater. She hopes it inspires you, and challenges you. That it lets you see the most human parts of yourself. She loves new works and hopes to continue to make bold, beautiful theater. And she promises to continue to work toward an equitable and safer theater industry. After 8 years in NYC on Regional stages and Broadway, she’s thrilled to call Baltimore home again and to be making her DC Theater debut at the wonderful and radical Woolly Mammoth. Big thank you to her fiance for keeping her fed.