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Rahsaan “Wordslave” Eldridge


Rahsaan “Wordslave” Eldridge is a singer-songwriter, poet, emcee, educator, five time author, and world traveled performer. He was a member of the Baltimore based Kelly Bell Band from 2007-2020. In 2017, he co founded the Annapolis based funk and soul Band Honest Lee Soul with whom he’s recorded three projects, Honest Lee Soul, One Life, and Testify all of which can be found on streaming platforms.

Black Root and Wordslave (formerly known as Axiom) – Root and Word met in 2003 as students at Towson University and cast members of an all black theater ensemble called KUUMBA Players. They quickly bonded over their passion for writing and hip hop and in 2004 began recording and performing in Baltimore, eventually expanding to other states on the east coast. They’ve recorded three projects, Wordslave and Black Root presents Axiom The Mix Tape CD, Heat Rises, and It’s A Mixtape! They also released a single in 2022 called I.T. Guys which can be found on streaming platforms. It’s been 20 years since they linked up to form Axiom and they’ve both gone on to have successful solo careers. While it’s rare that they get a chance to perform together these days, the synergy between them remains.

Social Media: @wordslavetheartist