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The Healacist


The HipHopMomma Princess Best aka “The HEALACIST” is an international spokesperson for women and girls wellness, mental health and personal development through the arts. Specializing in self-awareness, self-care, self-actualization and spiritual healing. As “The HEALACIST”, The HipHopMomma Princess Best SPEAKS to H.E.A.L. (heal/empower, amplify/activate/liberate) women and girls through the transformative power in lyrics. She is the author of the book “My BARZ Heal Scars”: The WombPrint To Healing The Girl Within.” Formerly the host of two podcasts, “Lessons of Lyrics” and “Motherhood by Design”, Princess currently serves as the Director of Arts Integration and Community Engagement for One Common Unity, working in numerous schools throughout the DCPS/DCPCS system and beyond. A transformational performing arts thought leader, dynamic public speaker and influential spiritual healer, Best is known for her impactful ability to facilitate healing in spaces and creating effective arts-centered approaches to education, parenting and individual female growth.