Describe the Night Post-Show Community Conversation

June 16, 2019


    Sunday, June 16  //  Following the 2 PM Performance of DESCRIBE THE NIGHT

    Join us for a post-show community conversation about the vital questions raised by Describe the Night, and their personal and societal implications. At this session, we will be joined by Steven Barnes, Associate Professor of Russian and European History at George Mason University, as well as some of the artists involved with bringing Describe the Night to life. Each has unique perspectives on the play that will act as conversation catalysts.

    There will be other Community Conversations for Describe the Night held on June 9 and June 23.

    About Steven Barnes

    Steven Barnes

    STEVEN BARNES is Associate Professor of Russian and European History at George Mason University. His research specializes on the history of the Gulag—the Soviet system of forced labor internment camps. His first book, the multi-award winning Death and Redemption: The Gulag and the Shaping of Soviet Society, published by Princeton University Press in 2011, was based on extensive field research in Russia, Kazakhstan, and the United States. He is currently completing a book to be called Gulag Wives: Women, Family, and Survival in Stalin's Terror that will trace women’s lives in a Gulag camp for women arrested solely due to the arrest of their husbands at the height of Stalin’s Great Terror. Dr. Barnes teaches extensively on the history of Russia and the Soviet Union along with global comparative histories of the concentration camp and totalitarianism. He seeks to bring to his students an understanding that violations of human rights are not just artifacts of earlier time periods and foreign places but are real and significant threats in our own time and place. He is excited to discuss the ways that Describe the Night uses Russian and Soviet history to raise important questions about contemporary events in the United States.