Imagining the Other: Race, Sex, Power, and Play

April 20, 2018

    Imagining the Other: Race, Sex, Power, and Play

    In Partnership with Lotus Blooms

    Friday, April 20  //  Woolly Mammoth Theater

    following the 8pm performance of Underground Railroad Game

    Race is the ultimate fantasy – while not rooted in biology, this social construct shapes all of our lived experiences. How are the sexual and racial politics of the US intertwined? What is the impact of our racialized histories on our interpersonal and sexual relationships? How do we navigate fantasies with historical baggage? Join our panel of sex therapists and educators for a revealing conversation about these questions and more!

    About Dr. Dionna Oriowo

    DR. DIONNA ORIOWO (Oreo-Whoa!) is an international speaker, clinical social worker, sex and relationship educator and therapist located in the Washington D.C. metro area. Dr. Donna is the owner and lead therapist of AnnodRight, whose mission it is to help others reclaim their sexuality, identity, and self love by being their most wise, free, and authentic selves in addressing intersectionality, culture, and race in educational and therapeutic settings with a focus on developing healthy Black female sexuality. She can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @Annodright. OR you can visit her (day or night) at

    In Partnership With Lotus Blooms