Local DC Improv Showcase

July 16, 2018


    monday, July 16  //  7:30 PM

    Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

    Free and Open to the public

    Presented in assocaition with Damned If You Do

    Is Damned If You Do not enough? Do you need even more improv in your life? Then don't miss out on this special showcase of fresh, locally-sourced, all-natural improv comedy!

    With both short-form and long-form improv, this showcase includes a herd of local improv artists, including:

    Frankie Abralind
    Seth Alcorn 
    Lura Barber
    Liz Crowther
    Julia D'Ambrosi 
    Rachel Johanson
    Kelsey Flora
    Iulia Gheorghiu
    John Heiser
    Paul Hitlin
    Denny Johnson
    Will Kuduk
    Eva Lewis
    Stephen Major
    Reaves McElveen
    John Miceli
    Colin Murchie
    Liz Neely
    Patrick Sanders
    Ginnie Seger
    Cory Seth
    Erin Smith
    Kate Symes
    Shawn Westfall