The "Blackity Blackity Black" Show

February 3, 2020

    Monday, February 3 at 8pm

    Woolly's Smith/melton rehearsal hall


    free and open to the public

    Woolly Mammoth is thrilled to partner with Spit Dat for monthly spoken word performances starting in October 2019. All performances will be free and open to the public.

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    The "Blackity Blackity Black" Show

    Features: Whiskey Girl and Joseph LMS Green

    "Be warned before following me /
    I am all ass /
    And titties /
    And melancholy /
    I am all poetry..."
    - @whiskeygirldc
    Black. Black like dark. Dark like whiskey. Whiskey like Girl. Whiskey Girl. 200 Proof truth which will hang you over. Matron of mental health and blogger of no bullshit. Sip and savor but beware her addictive qualities.
    “Life is short. But being alive is the longest thing you will ever do. Proceed accordingly.” - Joseph LMS Green
    Black. Black like abyss. Joseph LMS Green is the last man standing at said abyss. He has roared at it with a bass which challenged its very depth all while challenging the many youths he has taught to find the very heights of their voices.
    Experience the potent poetic power of Whiskey Girl and Joseph LMS Green, our February features at the "Blackity Black Black" Woolly Mammoth Spit Dat Residency.

    Whiskey Girl is a Washington, DC-based blogger, self-published author, spoken word artist and single mother with a full-time professional career in the health field. She lends her unique voice and perspective to her own WG’s Embrace the Crazy blog. In addition to writing, her true passions include public work and serving as a mouthpiece to address mental health issues within the black community.

    The Whiskey Girl persona is not only a drink of choice and ratchet alter ego, but a representation of survival and a metaphor for the many adults who defer to unhealthy coping mechanisms to battle depression. Whiskey is the author of 3 self-published chapbooks: Trigger, Medicate. and Mercury In Retrograde…But the Rent Is Still Due: A Collection of Black Girl Poems.

    Whiskey Girl is a powerhouse in the making, working to build her brand while striving to constantly evolve within the blogging, spoken word, writing and producing realm—steadily gaining momentum and reputation in each field.

    Joseph LMS Green: Whether of triumph or tragedy, we all have a story to tell. Mine begins with the darkness of drug addiction and the death of a close friend, and it persists with the light of strength built, lessons learned, and a way to pay it forward.

    I believe in the power of stories and the sharing of lived experiences as tools for connectivity and community building. Once unleashed, I believe that power can change the world for the better. It might seem unusual that I’m willing to share the darkest parts of my life with strangers. But I’ve seen what happens when people begin to feel safe enough to reflect on their own stories.

    Once you recognize the transformative power of reflecting on your own grit, mistakes, darkness, and light -- you build an inner strength that no one can take away from you.

    As a spoken word artist, educator, motivational speaker—and over a decade of work in youth spaces—I’ve  seen these transformations firsthand. My acceptance and examination of my intersections combined with both my craft in theater and spoken word performing, as well as more than 10 years of creating an intergenerational dialogue between youths and adults, has contributed to my success in classrooms, boardrooms, and living rooms.

    I am excited to continue driving both youth and adults towards self-forgiveness, redemption, and the irreplaceable role of love in the human revolution.


    About Spit Dat

    SPIT DAT is the longest-running open mic in the nation's capital. A profoundly intimate artistic and spiritual experience which has fought to remain a safe space through nearly two decades of societal changes, Spit Dat combines world-class talent with a living room vibe. As much a "venue" as it is an "event", Spit Dat has won multiple awards for its contribution to the growth of generations of acclaimed international artists. But perhaps its most valued accolade lives in being renowned among its staunch community as no less than "Church".

    Drew Anderson

    DREW ANDERSON, a science teacher turned teaching artist, poet turned parodist, and marathon runner turned motivational speaker, is as hard to define as he is to ignore. Known lovingly throughout DC's performing arts world as "Droopy the Broke Baller", Drew is founder and co-host of Spit Dat, the longest-running open mic in DC. Recipient of the prestigious DC Arts and Humanities Fellowship presented by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Drew has recently merged his decade-plus of artistic acumen and educational expertise to develop Spoof School, a dynamic arts education integration residency which teaches students of all ages how to make learning fun by "making fun" of their learning.

    Dwayne B!

    DWAYNE B!, aka the “Crochet Kingpin” is a DC native poet, activist, breakdancer, and fashion designer. He is one of the hosts of DC’s longest running open mic series, Spit Dat, as well as Host-Captain for Busboys and Poets' 450K location. In addition to featured readings at every Busboys and Poets location, SAGAfest Iceland 2015, Spirits and Lyrics NYC and Manassas, Woolly Mammoth, and the C2EA “We Can End AIDS” march, Dwayne’s short form poetry prowess led him to win the Best Haiku Award at the 2011 National Underground Spoken-Word Poetry Awards (NUSPA). His work to increase HIV awareness through spoken-word garnered recognition from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, BBCAmerica, the Discovery Channel, and The Washington Post. Ultimately, his goal is to force his audience to feel. His recent collection of works, One Color Kaleidoscope, is a testament to self-definition and change. When not documenting his life through poetic meter, he can be found on the metro making scarves and hats, or singing karaoke.