"Patriot Acts"

July 6, 2020

  • 90 min

Monday, July 6 at 8pm

free and open to the public

Woolly Mammoth is thrilled to partner with Spit Dat on monthly spoken word performances. All performances are free and open to the public.


Spit Dat is BACK With: "Patriot Acts"
Virtual Lobby Opens at 7:30PM, Event from 8-9:30PM
Facebook Live Stream Begins at 7:30PM

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The stars are for the flash-in-the-pan plans to expand, 
That had captors manhandling child, woman, and man. 
As trans-Atlantic baggage to craft the republic on which we stand, 
And the stripes are for the lashes across African backs. 
2 Deep the Poetess brings leagues of flows for us, 
And Baba Bomani will submerge us as ocean does. 
Patriot Acts, July 6, 'cause truth be told, 
Sometimes the most patriotic thing to do is REVOLT.

Featured Poets:

2 Deep the Poetess

2Deep: A Verbal Noun; feminine, international, and poetical powerhouse. With over a decade of snatching microphones and captivating audiences, 2Deep’s resume reads like Who’s Who travel guide. From Cornell University to Ottawa University, American University to Penn State, United States to Australia, this German born-Alabama raised entertainer has spoken to crowds all over the globe. She’s opened for the late Gil Scott-Heron and performed for President Barack Obama’s first inaugural celebrations at the Washington National Cathedral. She was a four year undefeated slam champion, 2007 Talk To Me Eastern Slam Winner, member of Busboys and Poets’ 2009 Slam Team, Word War II Slam Champion, and prior Busboys and Poets’ Slam Master. 2Deep welcomes a freshman class to American University annually for over half a decade and has spoken out against domestic violence on legislative floors in Maryland. She keeps busy hosting two monthly, sold out shows (ten years) and by running her companies 2Deep Uncensored and Uncensored Ink. Armed with a BFA, MFA, and MBA, 2Deep is making herself comfortable in a male dominated arena by leaving traces of lipstick on the microphone and a dash of prose laced with her feminine perspective and her truth. 2Deep is taking the next four decades of her career with force; listen now and forever witness her. Peace.

Bomani Armah

Bomani Armah (aka D’mite, aka Baba Bomani) is a Hip-Hop artist. Raised in Prince George’s County Maryland, Bomani is a fixture in the Maryland Art-Education, Hip-Hop and poetry scene. He first found national acclaim on Billboard’s College Radio charts with his appearance on the 2005 single and video for Mello & the Rados “Cool Witchu”. Bomani is best known his viral 2007 crunk-rap single and video, “Read a Book”. Currently a Kennedy Center Teaching Artist and formerly the Director of Poetry Events for Busboys and Poets, Bomani has performed at varied venues. From hosting the MLK observances at the Washington National Cathedral, to performing edu-taining Hip-Hop concerts at the Fillmore in Silver Spring. In 2019 he released his critically acclaimed Art Integrated Hip-Hop Album “Baba Got BARS”. Bomani is currently touring the country doing concerts, school assemblies, residencies and professional development with thousands of teachers and students each year. He will be releasing his latest album, “Bomani Armah is the Watermelon Man” on Watermelon Day August 1st 2020!

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