Spit Grat(itude)

November 2, 2020

    Monday, NOVEMBER 2

    free and open to the public

    Woolly Mammoth is thrilled to partner with Spit Dat on monthly spoken word performances. All performances are free and open to the public.

    Spit Grat(itude)

    Spit Dat: MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2 on Zoom!
    Virtual Lobby Opens at 7:30PM, Event from 8-9:30PM
    Facebook Live Stream Begins at 8PM

    Features: Sol Like Soul & Keep It PG

    It is a time of year in which we are often reminded to be thankful for the gifts which we have been given. Yet it is a year which has taken much from us. How do we acknowledge blessings in the midst of so much loss? How can we process gratitude in the wake of so much grief?

    "Thankfully" (if you'll pardon the pun), in November Spit Dat Digital will "Spit Grat(itude),"  aided by musical healer Sol Like Soul and journalist / motivational poet Piero Sarmiento aka "Keep It PG." Their impassioned feature performances along with your presence in the audience will lift our spirits.

    Oh, and the price of tickets to this virtual revival?

    "Gratis," of course.

    Get the chance to spit alongside our fantastic hosts and features on the OPEN MIC! The list is filling up fast, so if you want to get on the mic, sign up for a slot here and don't forget to book your tickets below!

    About the Artists

    Sol Like Soul
    SolLikeSoul is an art educator, host, creator, curator, and vocalist, born in Kenya and raised in the DMV. She aims to use her platform to advocate for healing and community building. Coming up in the arts through poetry and music has given her the privilege of hearing different stories about the impact that sharing art has had on their mental health. Her first EP, "Release", is a project full of songs that showcase her own mental health process in a vulnerable and affirming way.

    Keep It PG
    Piero Sarmiento (also known as "Keep it PG") is a multilingual published author from Peru who currently lives and works in the nation's capital. Piero has been writing poetry since an early age but never dared to perform due to his fear of public speaking, until he moved to DC where he began to face his phobias by going to open-mic venues on a daily basis. Nowadays, he is an active writer, medical interpreter and free-lance journalist who has performed spoken word all over the east coast; in theaters, bars, and consulates. His interactive poetry is meant to inspire, heal and bring awareness about Latin American culture. Recently, he and his father started their own news channel on Youtube called "Notipiero", which is meant to report alternative and unbiased news with a humorous touch while learning from the people that they interview.

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