Pay What You Can Nights

Woolly offers Pay What You Can tickets for a select number of preview performances (often the first Monday and Tuesday night). The concept is simple: we perform the show, you tell us how much you're going to pay for your ticket. It's part of our commitment to making sure that our theater remains open and accessible to every member of our community.

The Pay What You Can program is supported by the Paul M. Angell Family Foundation, the Weissberg Foundation and additional individual contributions, which provide the bridge capital that makes our ticket accessibility initiatives possible.

Here’s all the info you’ll need to know if you’re planning to attend a PWYC performance:

How can I purchase a ticket?

The first 100 tickets for each Pay What You Can performance are available for purchase via the TodayTix app starting at 10 am on the day of the performance. They'll remain on sale online until 5 pm unless they sell out. The remaining 165 Pay What You Can tickets are sold at our box office the evening of the performance. They go on sale at 6 pm, but lines form as early as 3:30 or 4 pm.

Will I get in?

We can’t make any guarantees, but we recommend that you arrive at the theater as early as you can and grab a spot in line. You'll often see diehard Woolly fans lining up as early as 3:30 pm or 4 pm for popular shows.

You want me to wait in line? That's not fun!

Au contraire! We often invite food trucks, offer exclusive surprises, and generally try to make things as pleasant as possible for our dedicated PWYC liner-uppers.

How many tickets can I buy?

Two per person.

Can I use my credit or debit card?

Nope! Cash or check only, please.

Is the line outdoors no matter the weather?

In the event of inclement weather, we'll invite people to line up inside our space.

Can I really pay whatever I want?

Absolutely! We don’t give out free tickets, but we will accept any amount of money (in US currency) for admission. Keep in mind, though, that the actual cost of the ticket you'll be receiving is at minimum $35, and that Woolly Mammoth is a civic-profit organization.

Are seats assigned?

Yes. We hand out seats from the first row to the last row. It’s first-come, first,served, so line up early if you're particularly interested in sitting close to the stage. In addition, if you would like to be seated with your family or friends, please line up together so that we can seat you as a group.

What if I need an accessible seat?

We are always happy to make accommodations for people with disabilities. Please let our staff know your needs when you line up, and we’ll be sure to set aside accessible seats for you and your companion.