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Woolly Mammoth began assembling a Company of artists in 1986, shortly after the theater’s establishment in Washington, DC. Artistic Director Howard Shalwitz sought out performers “committed to our culture of provocation,” who embraced plays that took risks with both style and content. Woolly’s Company, which now includes playwrights, directors, and designers, is a robust community of artists at the center of our investigation of new plays, from early script development and design concepts, through the community dialogue surrounding each production.




• Grainne Cassidy (1962-1997)
• Daniel Escobar (1964-2013)
• Rick Foucheux
• Michael John Garcés
• Grover Gardner
• Mitchell Hebert

• Jason Kravits
• Christopher Lane
• Namu Lwanga
• Bruce Randolph Nelson
• Nancy Robinette
• Rob Leo Roy
• Rhea Seehorn
• Eric Sutton
• Dawn Ursula
• John Vreeke
• Michael Willis