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Launched during Woolly’s 20-21 season, the Connectivity Core Partner Program identifies key organizations who share the same values around inclusion, anti-racism, social justice, and the power of art. These long-term mutually beneficial relationships allow both parties to accomplish together what neither could do alone, resulting in opportunities for cross-sector learning and participation in Washington DC’s arts, cultural, and civic life. Current core partners include Spit Dat, Black in Space, and Strathmore. 


SPIT DAT Facebook · Instagram

At 21 years old, Spit Dat is DC’s longest-running spoken word open mic. Co-hosted by Dwayne B! aka the Crochet Kingpin, and Drew Anderson, aka Droopy the Broke Baller, SPIT DAT combines world class talent with a living room vibe. 


Black in Space celebrates the artistry, diversity + resilience of Black LGBTQ+ communities through media, storytelling + technology. 



Strathmore is a multidimensional, creative anchor in the community, where everyone can connect with the arts, and artists can explore their full potential.  Strathmore presents hundreds of performances, visual arts, and education programs, annually, for diverse audiences on its Montgomery County Maryland campus and in the community.  

All of Strathmore’s facilities are Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC) STAR™ accredited.