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Welcome to The Liberation Library – a free, digital resource lab curated by Woolly Mammoth in an effort to critique and combat colonialism, racism, ableism, sexism, and countless other “-isms” that are used as tools of oppression. These systems, rooted in toxicity and brutality, harm all of us. We hope that you share these resources widely with your communities, and that they serve to galvanize more people to join the fight for liberation, safety, and joy for all, and especially for those whose identities and experiences are regularly marginalized and belittled. We see you, we celebrate your resilience, and we refuse to stand idly by.

Below find links to some of pieces we find particularly relevant, and click here for access to the full Liberation Library which includes these resources and more!



Ready to start these conversations with your communities? Here are some suggestions to support healthy dialogue: How to Start a Discussion Group

The Liberation Library is designed to be a living and growing resource. If you would like to propose an article for inclusion, please submit to