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Woolly Mammoth has a proud history of producing innovative theatre in the nation’s capital for 40 seasons. You can explore that history, season by season, below.

* indicates a world premiere
+ indicates an U.S. premiere

2023-24: SEASON 44
*My Mama and the Full-Scale Invasion – Sasha Denisova
Public Obscenities – Shayok Misha Chowdhury
*The Sensational Sea Mink-ettes – Vivian J.O. Barnes
Where We Belong – Madeline Sayet
Amm(i)gone – Adil Mansoor
*Rose: You Are Who You Eat – John Jarboe

2022-2023: SEASON 43
Ain’t No Mo’ – Jordan E. Cooper,
Just for Us – Alex Edelman
+ seven methods of killing kylie jenner – Jasmine Lee-Jones
The Jungle – Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson
The Nosebleed – Aya Ogawa
* Incendiary – Dave Harris

2021-2022: SEASON 42
Teenage Dick — Mike Lew
A Strange Loop — Michael R. Jackson
Hi, Are You Single? — Ryan J. Haddad
Parable of the Sower — Toshi Reagon & Bernice Johnson Reagon
*There’s Always the Hudson — Paola Lázaro

2020-2021: SEASON 41
Human Resources — Telephonic Literary Union
The Jookjoynt — Black In Space
*This is Who I Am — Amir Nizar Zuabi
*Hi, Are You Single? — Ryan J. Haddad
Rich Kids: A History of Shopping Malls in Tehran — Javaad Alipoor
Animal Wisdom — Heather Christian
*Where We Belong — Madeline Sayet
*Homegrown — Spit Dat & special guests

2019-2020: SEASON 40
Fairview — Jackie Sibblies Drury
What To Send Up When It Goes Down — Aleshea Harris
She the People: The Resistance Continues! — The Second City
+Shipwreck: A History Play About 2017 — Anne Washburn
Play at Home

2018-2019: SEASON 39
Damned If You Do — Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
The Story of the Gun — Mike Daisey
Gloria — Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
The Fever — 600 HIGHWAYMEN
She the People — The Second City
As Far As My Fingertips Take Me — Tania El Khoury
BLKS — Aziza Barnes
The Peculiar Patriot — Liza Jessie Peterson
Describe the Night — Rajiv Joseph

2017-2018: SEASON 38
An Octoroon — Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
The Arsonists — Max Frisch
* Nothing to Lose (But Our Chains) — Felonious Munk
Familiar — Danai Gurira
Underground Railroad Game — Jennifer Kidwell & Scott R. Sheppard
+ Botticelli in the Fire — Jordan Tannahill

2016-2017: SEASON 37
We Know How You Die! — Upright Citizens Brigade
* Collective Rage — Jen Silverman
+ Kiss — Guillermo Calderón
The Trump Card — Mike Daisey
Black Side of the Moon — The Second City
Baby Screams Miracle — Clare Barron
Pike St. — Nilaja Sun
Hir — Taylor Mac

2015-2016: SEASON 36
*Women Laughing Alone with Salad — Sheila Callaghan
Winners and Losers — James Long and Marcus Youssef
Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind — Greg Allen and The Neo-Futurists
Guards at the Taj — Rajiv Joseph
The Nether — Jennifer Haley
An Octoroon — Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

2014-2015: SEASON 35
Marie Antoinette — David Adjmi
Famous Puppet Death Scenes — The Old Trout Puppet Workshop
Cherokee — Lisa D’Amour
*Lights Rise On Grace — Chad Beckim
*Zombie: The American — Robert O’Hara
Let Them Eat Chaos — Second City

2013-2014: SEASON 34
Detroit — Lisa D’Amour
Appropriate — Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Just the Two of Each of Us — The Pajama Men
We Are Proud to Present: A Presentation About the Herero of Namibia, Formerly Known as South-West Africa, From the German Sudwestafrika, Between the Years 1884-1915 — Jackie Sibblies Drury
Arguendo — Elevator Repair Service
*The Totalitarians — Peter Sinn Nachtrieb
Rodney King — Roger Guenveur Smith
Stupid Fucking Bird — Aaron Posner

2012-2013: SEASON 33
The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity — Kristoffer Diaz
*You for Me for You — Mia Chung
In The Middle of No One — The Pajama Men
The Convert — Danai Gurira
American Utopias — Mike Daisey
*Stupid Fucking Bird — Aaron Posner
America All Better!! — Second City

2011-2012: SEASON 32
A Bright New Boise — Samuel D. Hunter
Spoiler Alert: Everybody Dies — Chicago’s The Second City
*Civilization (all you can eat) — Jason Grote
Arias with a Twist — Joey Arias & Basil Twist
*Mr. Burns, a post-electric play — Anne Washburn
The Agony and The Ecstacy of Steve Jobs — Mike Daisey

2010-2011: SEASON 31
In the Next Room, or the vibrator play — Sarah Ruhl
*House of Gold — Gregory S. Moss
A Girl’s Guide to Washington Politics — Second City
*Oedipus el Rey — Luis Alfaro
The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs — Mike Daisey
Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind — Greg Allen and The Neo-Futurists
*Bootycandy — Robert O’Hara
Clybourne Park — Bruce Norris
Reggie Watts Live in Concert — Reggie Watts

2009-2010: SEASON 30
*Eclipsed — Danai Gurira
Full Circle — Charles Mee
Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind — Greg Allen and The Neo-Futurists
The Last Cargo Cult — Mike Daisey
Barack Stars: The Wrath of Rahm — Second City
Clybourne Park — Bruce Norris
Gruesome Playground Injuries — Rajiv Joseph
One Man Lord of the Rings — Charles Ross

2008-2009: SEASON 29
*Maria/Stuart — Jason Grote
MacHomer — Rick Miller
Boom — Peter Sinn Nachtrieb
Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind — Greg Allen and The Neo-Futurists
How Theater Failed America — Mike Daisey
Hell Meets Henry Halfway — Adriano Shaplin and Pig Iron Theatre Company
*Antebellum — Robert O’Hara
*Fever/Dream — Sheila Callaghan
Barack Stars — Second City

2007-2008: SEASON 28
The Unmentionables — Bruce Norris
*Now What? — Josh Lefkowitz
*Current Nobody — Melissa James Gibson
One Man Star Wars Trilogy — Charles Ross
Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind — Greg Allen and The Neo-Futurists
No Child… — Nilaja Sun
*The K of D — Laura Schellhardt
*Stunning — David Adjmi
Measure for Pleasure — David Grimm
*If You See Something Say Something — Mike Daisey

2006-2007: SEASON 27
In the Continuum — Danai Gurira & Nikkole Salter
Help Wanted — Josh Lefkowitz
Get Your War On — Rude Mechs
+Martha, Josie & the Chinese Elvis — Charlotte Jones
Vigils — Noah Haidle
She Stoops to Comedy — David Greenspan
*Dead Man’s Cell Phone — Sarah Ruhl
Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind — Greg Allen and The Neo-Futurists

2005-2006: SEASON 26
After Ashley — Gina Gionfriddo
Kiki & Herb: The Resurrection Tour — Justin Bond & Kenny Mellman
*Starving — S.M. Shephard-Massat
*The Velvet Sky — Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
The Gigli Concert — Tom Murphy
The Faculty Room — Bridget Carpenter
*The Other River: Ripples & Vibes from DC’s Southside — Karen Zacarías & Patrick Crowley
One-Man Star Wars Trilogy — Charles Ross

2004-2005: SEASON 25
*Lenny & Lou — Ian Cohen
*Grace — Craig Wright
Our Lady of 121st Street — Stephen Adly Guirgis
*Big Death & Little Death — Mickey Birnbaum
The Clean House — Sarah Ruhl

2003-2004: SEASON 24
The Mineola Twins — Paula Vogel
Cooking with Elvis — Lee Hall
Homebody/Kabul — Tony Kushner
*Los Big Names — Marga Gomez
*The Radiant Abyss — Angus MacLachlan

2002-2003: SEASON 23
*Recent Tragic Events — Craig Wright
Kiki & Herb in Pardon Our Appearance — Justin Bond & Kenny Mellman
The Day Room — Don DeLillo
*Jump/Cut — Neena Beber
*I Worry — Sandra Tsing Loh
Patience — Jason Sherman

2001-2002: SEASON 22
Rocket to the Moon — Clifford Odets
*Spain — Jim Knable
*Tommy J & Sally — Mark Medoff
Surface Transit — Sarah Jones
Big Love — Charles L. Mee

2000-2001: SEASON 21
+Heaven — George F. Walker
*Preaching to the Perverted — Holly Hughes
In the Blood — Suzan-Lori Parks
*Andromeda Shack — David Bucci
Fuddy Meers — David Lindsay-Abaire
*Invisible City: 14th Street, Where Washington Meets DC — Robert Alexander & Karen Zacarías

1999-2000: SEASON 20
The Dead Monkey — Nick Darke
*The Dark Kalamazoo — Oni Faida Lampley
Stop Kiss — Diana Son
+Bug — Tracy Letts
*Wonder of the World — David Lindsay-Abaire

1998-1999: SEASON 19
Freedomland — Amy Freed
June Bride — Sara Felder
*The Last Orbit of Billy Mars — Robert Alexander
The Marriage of Mr. Mississippi — Friedrich Durrenmatt
*The Art Room — Billy Aronson
The Chinese Art of Placement — Stanley Rutherford
Shirts & Skin — Tim Miller

1997-1998: SEASON 18
The Big Slam — Bill Corbett
*Civil Sex — Brian Freeman
Brimstone and Treacle — Dennis Potter
*The Gene Pool — Christi-Stewart Brown
*Man, Woman, Dinosaur — Regina Porter
Peoria — Jon Klein
+Dead Funny — Terry Johnson

1996-1997: SEASON 17
Quills — Doug Wright
A Huey P. Newton Story — Roger G. Smith
The Big Slam — Bill Corbett
+Never Swim Alone — Daniel MacIvor
*Tripping Through the Car House — Regina Porter
Raised in Captivity — Nicky Silver

1995-1996: SEASON 16
Watbanaland — Doug Wright
Rush Limbaugh in Night School — Charlie Varon
*Lynnwood Pharmacy — David Bucci
Birth and After Birth — Tina Howe
The Gigli Concert — Tom Murphy
*The Obituary Bowl — Barbara McConagha

1994-1995: SEASON 15
Goodnight, Desdemona — Ann-Marie MacDonald
The Artificial Jungle — Charles Ludlum
+The Pitchfork Disney — Philip Ridley
*The Psychic Life of Savages — Amy Freed
Wanted — Al Carmines, David Epstein
Naked Breath (Single Exposures) — Tim Miller

1993-1994: SEASON 14
Kvetch — Steven Berkoff
*Half Off — Harry Kondoleon
Goodnight, Desdemona (Good Morning, Juliet) — Ann-Marie MacDonald
Single Exposures Solo Festival:

  • Portables — Claire Porter
  • Men Die Sooner — Tom Cayler
  • My Queer Body — Tim Miller
  • Reno Beside Myself — Reno
  • Sally’s Rape — Robbie McCauley

*The Food Chain — Nicky Silver

1992-1993: SEASON 13
*Billy Nobody — Stanley Rutherford
*The Mask — Namu Lwanga
*Free Will & Wanton Lust — Nicky Silver
*The Cockburn Rituals — John Strand
*Strindberg in Hollywood — Drury Pifer

1991-1992: SEASON 12
Mud People — Keith Huff
The Fever — Wallace Shawn
*African Tourist — Drury Pifer
Life During Wartime — Keith Reddin
Kvetch — Steven Berkoff

1990-1991: SEASON 11
The Rocky Horror Show — Richard O’Brien
*Jon Spelman: On the Bedpost Overnight — Jon Spelman
*Fat Men in Skirts — Nicky Silver
*David’s Redhaired Death — Sherry Kramer

1989-1990: SEASON 10
+The Dead Monkey — Nick Darke
Zero Positive — Harry Kondoleon
Tales of the Lost Formicans — Constance Congdon
Hurlyburly — David Rabe

1988-1989: SEASON 9
Christmas on Mars — Harry Kondoleon
The Second Man — S.N. Behrman
*Luna Vista — Douglas Gower
The Day Room — Don DeLillo

1987-1988: SEASON 8
Harvey — Mary Chase
Sharon and Billy — Alan Bowne
The Vampires — Harry Kondoleon
Aunt Dan and Lemon — Wallace Shawn

1986-1987: SEASON 7
To Clothe the Naked — Luigi Pirandello
Life and Limb — Keith Reddin
*National Defense — T.J. Edwards
Savage in Limbo — John Patrick Shanley

1985-1986: SEASON 6
Christmas on Mars — Harry Kondoleon
*New York Mets — T.J. Edwards
And Things That Go Bump in the Night — Terrence McNally

1984-1985: SEASON 5
America Hurrah — Jean-Claude van Itallie
Blood Moon — Nicholas Kazan
Looking Glass — Michael Sutton & Cynthia Mandelberg
The Vienna Notes — Richard Nelson
*Metamorphosis — Ralph Hunt

1983-1984: SEASON 4
R.U.R. — Karel Capek
Marie and Bruce — Wallace Shawn
+The Choir — Errol Bray
+Space Invaders — Alan Spence

1982-1983: SEASON 3
Mystery Play — Jean-Claude van Itallie
Was He Anyone? — N.F. Simpson
*Superior Attachments — Carroll Carlson
The Hothouse — Harold Pinter

1981-1982: SEASON 2
The Kramer — Mark Medoff
Vatzlav — Slawomir Mrozek
The Empire Builders — Boris Vian
Love Mouse/Meyer’s Room — Sheldon Rosen

1980-1981: SEASON 1
The Froegle Dictum — Mark Medoff
*Fits & Starts — The Company
+The Place Where the Mammals Die — Jorge Diaz