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The Ambassadors are a network of DC area community members with connections to other arts and culture organizations, frontline service nonprofits, academic institutions, and policy think tanks, who care deeply about Woolly and growing our shared community.

AMBASSADORS work closely with the Connectivity Department to:

  • Mobilize their circles around particular shows and programming
  • Advocate for Woolly and our Connectivity work
  • Deepen Woolly’s ties to a range of communities in DC
  • Offer insights on Woolly’s plays from an audience perspective
  • Volunteer their time in support of Woolly programs and events
  • Partner with Connectivity staff to create events, coordinate groups, and more!

Information to Apply

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please contact Emily Lathrop at


Current Ambassadors

Caitlin Caplinger, Robbie Champion, Pete Danelski, Deirdre Darden, Daniel Erichsen-Teal, Justyn Hintze, Karen Lawrence, Toby Makowski, Natalia Nagy, Rachel Sauer, Andy Stoffel, Brad Teague, Frankie V.