Where We Belong


  • By Madeline Sayet
  • Directed by Mei Ann Teo

While pursuing a PhD in Shakespeare an Indigenous theatre-maker finds the UK has yet to reckon with its colonial past.

In 2015, Mohegan theatre-maker Madeline Sayet travels to England to pursue a PhD in Shakespeare. Madeline finds in the UK a country that has yet to reckon with its colonial past, just as the Brexit vote threatens to further disengage Great Britain from the wider world. In this intimate and exhilarating solo piece, Madeline echoes a journey to England braved by Native ancestors in the 1700s following treatise betrayals – and forces us to consider what it means to belong in an increasingly globalized world.

In Association with Folger Theatre

“In 2019 we placed a land acknowledgment onto the concrete wall in our lobby. This wasn’t a one-time moment of reflection but rather the beginning of a commitment to have Woolly present, produce, and support Indigenous artists and an acknowledgment of our local Native community. I couldn’t be prouder that WHERE WE BELONG is the first step on that journey. Madeline’s piece is so compelling in its raw honesty about the centuries of harm Native people have endured - physically, culturally, emotionally, and academically. Partnering with Folger Theatre on this project feels like a perfect fit given Madeline’s interrogation of her relationship with Shakespeare.”

- Maria Manuela Goyanes, Artistic Director

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