artistic director EMERITUS howard shalwitz

As a co-founder of Woolly Mammoth, I am thrilled about the selection of Maria Manuela Goyanes. I can't imagine Woolly's future in better hands. Maria has been a central player at the highest levels of the new play field. Through her roles at 13P and The Public, she has proven herself to be both a big artistic thinker and a hands-on problem solver, both critical aspects of the role of Artistic Director. She has a deep understanding of the unique challenges that Woolly faces in pushing the boundaries of our art while continuing to deepen our engagement with DC and build diverse, energized audiences.

Besides all that, Maria is a great human being who will bring fresh ideas and vision to our city. I am filled with pride and great anticipation imagining the future of Woolly under Maria's leadership, and I especially want to thank the many Woolly artists, staff, board members, and supporters who dedicated so many days and hours over the past year to guarantee the success of our search and plan for the exciting transition ahead.