Animal Wisdom

May 15 - June 27

  • By Heather Christian

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American Conservatory Theater and Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company present
The Bushwick Starr’s production of


By Heather Christian
Produced in association with Matt Ross, Madeleine Foster Bersin,
and Outskirt Media

Film Directed by Amber McGinnis
Stage Direction by Emilyn Kowaleski 

Do you believe in ghosts? Take a virtual front row seat for this original film of the acclaimed musical séance, Animal Wisdom, where singer-songwriter-soothsayer Heather Christian lays to rest the souls that haunt her. Christian shapeshifts between rock star, folklorist and high priestess as she conjures a constellation of souls in an effort to confront her family’s mythologies.

With raucous, ferocious music that fuses blues, gospel and folk, Heather Christian invites you to raise a glass to the unseen forces that shape our lives. Adapted from the stage production that had a sold-out and acclaimed run at The Bushwick Starr, Animal Wisdom offers a transporting experience where a concert becomes a mass, and a mass becomes a séance, all in your living room.

“Seeing ANIMAL WISDOM at the Bushwick Starr changed me, and the music still haunts me in the most beautiful ways. Woolly is leaning into musicals this year, especially those breaking the boundaries of the form, like this one. This film adaptation of ANIMAL WISDOM aims to conjure the divine of the original, and a way to honor all those we have lost.”

- Maria Manuela Goyanes, Artistic Director

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CONTENT TRANSPARENCY: This production contains explicit language, discussions of grief, dementia, mental illness, cancer, Enslaved Peoples, hauntings, and death of a loved one.