Hi, Are You Single?

Feb 1-28

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    Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company
    in association with IAMA Theatre Company


    by Ryan J. Haddad
    Directed by Laura Savia and Jess McLeod

    Originally developed by Laura Savia

    Join Ryan, a gay man with a high sex drive and cerebral palsy on his search to find love. Or a date. Or at least a hookup.

    Ryan J. Haddad in "Hi, Are You Single?" Photo by Lawrence Moten

    Ryan has a higher sex drive than you. He also has cerebral palsy. You can often find him on Grindr or at your local inaccessible gay bar. Join writer/performer Ryan J. Haddad on his search to find love. Or a date. Or at least a hookup. From encounters with drag queens to platonic lap dances, Ryan will guide you through the gay dating scene with his provocative take on intimacy, rejection, and judgment. His one request? Please bring an attractive male friend with you.

    In association with IAMA Theatre Company.

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    “I have wanted to introduce Ryan Haddad to the DMV ever since I got to Woolly. He is a captivating storyteller who charms anyone he meets within seconds. HI, ARE YOU SINGLE? asks us to examine sexuality through the lens of a queer man with a disability who is struggling to make meaning out of intimate interactions. That in itself is a radical shift in perspective. Oh, and if you’d like to take him on a date, I’d be happy to set you up!”

    - Maria Manuela Goyanes, Artistic Director

    "Since we announced Ryan as the recipient of IAMA's 2020 Rhimes Unsung Voices Playwriting Commission, we have been beyond excited to share his wholly unique voice with the IAMA and global theater communities. Ryan's humor and strength come through in every word he writes. There isn't a more charismatic writer/performer at this moment, and to be able to partner with Woolly on this exciting production is a dream for IAMA."

    - Stefanie Black and Katie Lowes, Co-Artistic Directors of IAMA Theatre Company

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    CONTENT TRANSPARENCY: Depictions and description of sexual content, explicit language, and discussion of ableism, racism, ageism, and the stigmatization of HIV status.