The JookJOYnt

Nov 17-22


AFROFUTURISM is a movement that combines elements of the African diaspora with technology as a way for Black people to reclaim their racial identity, and imagine possible worlds through a Black cultural lens. These new realities provide a way for Black people to shape a future that is entirely their own, where greater justice and freer artistic and personal expression prevail.

In the year 2020, creatives, artists, and activists have established their own galaxy, far far away from Planet Earth and The Rona; a virus attacking the land. Travel through this star system, stopping at planets and clusters with Woolly Mammoth and Black in Space - powered by Makers Lab - to a galaxy known as THE JOOKJOYNT.

Tickets to THE JOOKJOYNT are completely FREE! Regardless of the date/time you select you'll have unlimited access to watch the performance through Sunday, Nov 22.