Miranda Family Fellowships


Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, a national leader in the creation of innovative theatre, is launching a transformative fellowship program in partnership and with a lead gift from the Miranda Family Fund, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s family philanthropic fund. This ambitious new program is designed to provide talented candidates from historically excluded communities, especially Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, with the resources and training necessary to build their careers as arts administrators or theatre technicians. Each fellowship is structured as a paid year-long department-specific position with benefits (including health insurance), and a housing stipend. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the inaugural fellowships will take place over one and a half years and begin as remote positions in Winter 2021. 

Woolly Mammoth is committed to rooting out oppressive practices in the American theatre that have resulted in inequities and harm towards many would-be theatre makers. One such field-wide practice that rewards privilege and discourages inclusivity is the hiring of unpaid interns and apprentices -- thus creating one of many barriers to entering the theatre industry. The Miranda Family Fellows Program will disrupt this system by compensating fellows a full-time salary plus providing a housing stipend of $800/mo, and health care benefits. Through this exciting model, Woolly Mammoth and the Miranda Family Fund are shining a light on the need for greater equity, diversity, inclusion, and access behind the scenes in the American theatre, and creating a new point of entry into the field for the next generation of arts leaders.

Alongside the opportunity to be embedded in the organization, participants will also receive ongoing professional development opportunities. These include mentorships with industry leaders, so they might identify opportunities to explore their specific areas of interest, as well as receive valuable career guidance. In order to deepen their analysis of equity, diversity, inclusion and access, and the role arts organizations can play in furthering movements for social justice, fellows will receive anti-racism and anti-oppression training and access to affinity spaces. Fellows will also receive coaching to support them in developing an effective leadership style grounded in their values. There will be opportunities for peer networking, particularly as a part of the larger network of Miranda Family Fellows.

The application period for the 2021 Miranda Family Fellowships is closed. We anticipate that the application period for the second cohort of Miranda Family Fellows will take place in Spring of 2022.


Will this fellowship be offered in future years?
Yes! This fellowship will be offered again in future years. We anticipate that the second cohort of fellows will join Woolly Mammoth in late summer of 2022.

Is it okay if I turn 21 over the course of the fellowship?
You can apply if you are under 21 at time of application, but must be 21 by March 1st (the start of the Fellowship).

Can I apply for more than one position?
Yes! Be sure to clearly indicate which ones you are applying to. Additionally, in your application please answer personal reflection question #2 two times -- once for each position you are applying to -- with specifics about why you are well suited to that position. You may add up to an additional 500 words to your total word count in order to do so.

What is the salary?
The salary is $31,200/year with an additional $800/month housing stipend. Health insurance is also included.

Do I need to move to DC right away if I am offered this fellowship?
Fellowships will begin virtually due to the pandemic, as soon as it is possible to do so safely, you would be expected to relocate to Washington, DC.

I am graduating from a University program in May 2021. Would this make me ineligible or can I still apply?
Unfortunately,  you would need to be finished with your degree program by March 1st, 2021 in order to be considered for this round of the Miranda Family Fellowship Program. However, we encourage you to check back for future cycles.

If I am applying to more than one position, do I need different letters of recommendation for each?
No, it is not necessary to get separate letters of recommendation for each position. If you are applying to more than one position, we do ask that you keep in mind your recommenders' ability to speak to the skills and demands applicable to each position. However, should you choose to pursue separate letters of recommendation for each position, we will accept them.

OUR CULTURE AT WOOLLY: At Woolly, our culture is driven by our stated core values of radical inclusivity, creative risk-taking, relentless inquiry & experimentation, world-class excellence, and innovation. We expect both personal and collective accountability in how these values are applied to the work of each employee of WMTC. We acknowledge that Woolly Mammoth has upheld and benefited from systems of oppression in our country and we aim to do better; using the principles of anti-racism to guide our actions and decision-making. How we do things is as important as what we do, and we expect our core values and anti-racist practices to influence the way we work together as a team. We strive to center openness, integrity, and care in our policies, processes, and how we interact with one another. We embrace a culture of transparency, accountability, and mutual respect as the foundation of all our collaborations, both inter-departmentally and externally. We take seriously our role as a civic leader, and strive to address local and national challenges using our knowledge, skills, commitment, and resources. As part of this work, all employees are expected to develop meaningful internal and external relationships that are mutually beneficial and impact-aware. We believe that everyone in the Woolly community is worth engaging in conversations about the art we make and how that art intersects with the world. We lean into the unconventional, especially if a nontraditional and inventive approach will help us reach new understandings of our art form, our industry, and our world.