Concessions & Merchandise

The full Woolly experience begins well before the show starts… and continues during intermission, too. We’re proud to offer concessions and merchandise designed to help you Get Woolly.

Judith’s Café

Woolly’s concessions stand offers independently-crafted, locally-sourced, and/or small-batch snacks designed to match the work on our stage in their inventiveness and originality. If you’re feeling voracious, you can nibble on Chocolate Caramel Clouds from The Capital Candy Jar or snack on deliciously seasoned peanuts from The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg. Judith’s Café offers a wide variety of food from Kate Bakes, Route 11, the Popcorn Queens, and many others. And our beer and wine program is top-notch, too. Our bar is stocked by Goose Island, Bold Rock, Port City, Dark Horse, Woodbridge, Redwood Creek, and more.

Woolly Matter

Woolly’s selection of merchandise begins, as it should, with a variety of scripts from current and past playwrights whose work we’ve produced on our stages. It’s a library of some of the most significant new work in the last few years of the American theater. Of course, you can also treat yourself to a few Woolly-themed presents, too: our custom notebooks are a big hit, as well as our Woolly coffee mugs and t-shirts. But the best way to take a piece of the theater home with you? One of our Banner Bags, which are hand-made out of the street banners from your favorite Woolly productions. They come in three sizes—lunch, shopping, and beach tote—and they’re sure to start rousing conversations wherever you take them.