Parking at Woolly Mammoth is accessible, ample, and inexpensive.

Through a partnership with the Clara Barton Interpark Garage located at 616 E Street NW, we are able to offer $10 parking to our patrons.​ All you need to do is take a ticket from the automated entry gate, park your car, and ask the box office for a discount “chaser card” when you pick up your tickets.

Save time and paper! Reserve your parking spot via the app below and eliminate the need for vouchers! By using the app you can scan the QR code on your phone, or present the receipt on your way out of the garage instead of coming to the box office for a voucher.

Here’s how parking at Woolly Mammoth works:

  • Enter the garage at 616 E Street NW: just to the right of the alley on the south side of E Street NW between 6th and 7th Streets NW (see map below).
  • Take your ticket with you so you can get back into the garage.
  • The pedestrian exit for the garage is located on 7th Street NW next to Carmine’s restaurant. Turn left out the exit, then left at the next corner on D Street NW to find Woolly Mammoth.
  • Ask our box office staff for a chaser card when you pick up your tickets for the show. If you bought your parking spot online via the above app, you can skip this step!
  • After the show, return to the entrance next to Carmine’s and use your ticket to re-enter the garage.
  • Use both your ticket and your chaser card at the self-pay machines to reduce your parking cost to only $10. Again, if you paid online, you’re ready to go!

Discounted parking is available during the following hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 5 pm-1 am
  • Saturday and Sunday all day long


Parking Map