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Ghost Forest

June 27, 2024 - June 28, 2024

GHOST FOREST by Mekala Sridhar

Ghost Forest exposes the personal and environmental consequences of a severed relationship between humans and land. When Sylvy steps outside the safety and comfort of her routine for the first time, it is to embark on a quest to find a particular heron— the last of their species. Opening herself to the world, Sylvy finds herself in the midst of a rapidly disappearing forest at odds with the sea. She must grapple with the question and consequences of her own inaction, with the fate of the heron seemingly in her hands. 


Thursday june 27th at 8pm and friday june 28th at 8pm


1203 K St NW, Washington, DC 20005

Title image by ro v. brooks


This workshop is made possible through funding from the BOLD Theater Women’s Leadership Circle. Special thanks to Pete and the staff of Eaton House.

The BOLD Theater Women’s Leadership Circle, led by Northern Stage Producing Artistic Director Carol Dunne, is a visionary initiative created to bridge the career gaps for women+ in the American theater.  The Circle’s mission is to create a diverse network of women+ artistic directors in professional theaters across the United States and empower them to address the issues preventing women+ from advancing in theater leadership.  The Circle offers major support of artistic initiatives driven by women+ artists and has created a formal mentorship program that trains and prepares future women+ artistic directors to lead, create, innovate, and deepen the impact of theater on American culture.  

Conceived in 2017 by the Helen Gurley Brown Foundation as a major grant to support female identifying (women+) artistic directors, designers, and artists, the Circle was launched in 2018 and is already changing the face of professional theater leadership in the United States.


Stage Manager

Annie Choudhury


Surasree Das

The Heron

Mani Yangilmau


Esco Jouléy



The Hunter

Jared H. Graham


Alina Collins Maldonado

Installation Design

Emi Kawashima