REMIX: A Musical Theatre Choreo Class with SOLE Defined

August 19, 2020

  • 60 min

For the Body
REMIX: A Musical Theatre Choreo Class with SOLE Defined

Wednesday, August 19 at 1pm

Cost: $25 per class

Woolly and SOLE Defined bring you a truly original take on musical theatre choreography, where you will work those muscles while learning an all-levels dance routine. Set to a song from Hamilton but infusing percussive dance styles, SOLE Defined will teach you a bold new way to move to the music. The same routine will be taught each class so you don’t need to attend all three.

Registration Deadlines:
Monday, August 17th (for class on August 19th)

About SOLE Defined

SOLE Defined is an Artist in Residence at Dance Place in Washington, DC with the mission to entertain, educate and empower lives through performances, workshops, and Arts integrated programming. SOLE Defined is the intersection between percussive dance, multimedia, storytelling and the African America narrative throughout American History in 90 minute shows we call “Percussicals." Percussical’s are high-quality percussive dance musicals that raise concisions about historic information directly affecting the African American narrative, while preserving percussive dance forms created in the United States. Using art to address social injustice, we strategically created a company of artists that represents the diversity of our cities, to inspire hope and initiate transparent conversations between social classes.