It is not easy to be a theatre company unable to produce plays.

No one is immune from the personal, physical, and financial impacts of this unprecedented  time. As we all scramble to adjust to the unknown, it is understandable to ask: Why support Woolly now?

Below are three reasons we think it is important to support us today.

Your gift today allows us to keep the communal experience of theatre alive.

Woolly Mammoth is known for creating theatre that galvanize artists and audiences to engage with the world in unexpected and often challenging ways. Without these vital and visceral experiences, our community lacks an important space to reflect on and grapple with the joys, pains, and tremendous complexities of what it means to be human in our world. We have an exciting slate of productions to share with you as soon as we can gather again in person, and your support ensures that we will be back after this intermission with the daring work that you expect from us.

On April 1, Woolly Mammoth and five other American theatres set up a program to commission “a set of short plays from writers whose financial lives have been upended by the shutdown of arts organizations as people stay home to contain the coronavirus. The theaters said they had two major goals: to steer a bit of money to struggling artists and to inspire new work at a tough time.”  This effort called Play at Home is a unique example of how Woolly Mammoth is keeping the performing arts alive and responding to our unique circumstances – while supporting artists who have found themselves without work.

To read the plays and learn more about this project, click here.

Your gift today allows us to support the artists and arts administrators who are bravely and imaginatively making work in the face of these challenges.

Woolly Mammoth employs over 20 full-time staff and dozens of part-time employees, including seasonal and over-hire production staff, box office personnel, and of course, local and non-local artists. Here are just a few examples of the ways we are currently working to support our family:

  • Compensating the company of THERE’S ALWAYS THE HUDSON by Paola Lázaro through the duration of their contracts even though we canceled the production
  • Providing safe and hygienic housing to a company member in need
  • Showcasing our artists’ work through social media shout-outs and paid appearances in our upcoming Virtual Progressive Party
  • Contributing to theatreWashington’s Taking Care Emergency Relief Fund and sharing out resources for support with our Company Members

The impact of this time will likely go beyond this summer and into the fall and beyond, as our economy revives. We are constantly devising ways to support and compensate our artists to help them weather thousands of dollars of lost wages and allow them to pursue professional development opportunities to deepen their skills and expand their job opportunities for the future.

And speaking of the future (because we do believe there is a future beyond this moment)…

Your gift today will allow us to think abundantly as we prepare to launch our Core Partnership program this fall.

In addition to theatre makers, we are also culture creators and community connectors. In the midst of this challenging moment, we are still guided by our values that champion equity, diversity, access, and radical inclusivity in everything we do.

For a decade, Woolly’s Connectivity team has activated the civic conversations at the heart of our productions, linking Woolly’s artistic mission with its social and political mission.  Through our new Core Partnership program, Woolly is creating 5 long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with organizations across the DC area who share the same values around inclusion, anti-racism, social justice, and the power of art to highlight the tremendous complexity of our world. These core partnerships will allow both parties to accomplish together what neither could do alone, resulting in opportunities for cross-sector and interdisciplinary learning, and increased participation in Washington DC’s arts, cultural, and civic life.

Donors like you helped us grow out of a church basement. You helped us build our beautiful theatre. You helped us refresh our lobby into a welcoming space for all. Thank you for believing in us and our shared extraordinary future. After all, there is no Woolly without you.

Together, we are moving forward even as we currently stay in place. With your help, we will celebrate the end of this marathon together with exciting, ambitious, and transformative works of theatre.

We can’t wait to welcome you back to Woolly Mammoth with open arms.

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